Motion Otto

Motion Otto is the smallest member of the family Motion Office family. Castors on the base provide a mobile option to create clusters or add seating to any desired area.

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The Felt is yarn dyed and has been milled to give it a directionless felted appearance.   The milling process also increases the inherent durability and water repellent properties, which along with the natural flame resistant properties of wool, makes this fabric very suitable for heavy commercial use. There are a number of colour combinations available. Motion panels have an NRC rating of 0.76 which means that 75% of the sound wave entering into the material will be captured and converted to dramatically contribute to reduction of noise bleed in open plan environments.
  • Warranty:
    • Frame 10 years
    • Motion Felt 5 years
    • Eurotex PU: 2 years
  • Diameter: 530 mm (at base)
  • Height: 440 mm
  • Width: 450 mm
  • Collaborative workspaces designed to provide focused work areas
  • Barriers provide acoustic and visual separation along with privacy
  • Dramatically contribute to reduction of noise bleed in open plan environments
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Easy lock-in style assembly
  • Felt Colours: Ash Grey, Stone Grey, Charcoal Grey, Deep Blue, Ice Blue, Avocado Green, Emerald Green, Bumble Bee Yellow, Sunset Orange, Chilli Red
  • Leadtimes can vary depending on colour combinations chosen – maximum lead time up to 8-12 weeks
  • Standard Colour: Grey (Leadtime 10-15 working days)