Bambach Medium With Backrest

The Bambach Saddle Seat’s contemporary design can be integrated into any office, and customised to suit innovative fit-outs. It is designed and manufactured in Australia and tested by AFRDI to the highest levels for safety and durability. The seat comes in a huge range of modern colours, sizes, textures, fabrics, and accessories are also available.

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The Bambach is the original saddle seat and has been scientifically proven and ergonomically tested to:
• Eliminate back, neck and shoulder pain
• Maintain the natural “S” curvature of the spine, rather than an unnatural crunched “C” shape
• Prevent problems associated with poor posture, ranging from mild discomfort to debilitating pain
• Improve balance – the wide foot stance provides balance to work with precision
  • Seat Height: 540 - 730mm
  • Seat Depth: 390 mm
  • Seat Width: 380mm
  • Back Length: 370mm
  • Back Vertical Range: 90mm
  • Overall Height: 1190mm
  • Weight Rating: 120kg

  • Reducing fatigue-with the spine in a neutral position, breathing and circulation is improved.
  • Increasing dexterity and precision as a result of muscles and joints being in balance.
  • Improving mobility and reach. Your back is naturally supported by core muscles and your legs are stable
  • Ensuring free movement, with safe and easy reaching.
  • The seat is available in four different sizes
  • Various height options
  • Wide variety of colours and fabrics - contact nearest store
  • AFRDI Certified: Level 6