Therapod Classic Sensor HB

In designing the Therapod chairs, it is understood that back shapes differ from person to person, as do working environments, and work processes.  This is the reason Therapod chairs have been selected by multi-national companies, specifiers of seating for major projects, various Heads of Government and individuals for home offices.    Therapod has a fully adjustable posture support system that can not only be set-up to suit a specific body shape, but one which adapts to the unique way that each of us carry out our tasks.

Product Code: 27-T45W01S

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The Therapod fully adjustable posture support system provides the user with total contact while working.  The user's wellbeing is the prime focus as they are provided with orthopedically correct back support and high levels of comfort when seated in a Therapod Classic Sensor High Chair.

Combined with the Sensor mechanism the Therapod chair to encourage movement while seated and combined with our Sit2Stand options the user's risks are reduced even further.  

Be it for an office, a student at home, or in an advanced 24/7 working environment, Therapod is the most effective seating system available for offering a combination of adjustability, comfort and superior support to bring well-being and increased productivity to your workplace.

  • Seat Height: 520 - 610 mm
  • Seat Depth:  450 - 510 mm
  • Seat Width:  490 mm
  • Back Height: 760 - 825 mm
  • Back Dimensions: 770H x 450W mm
  • Arm Height: 150 - 220 mm
  • Standard Gas: 100/43
  • Weight Rating: 130 kg
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Australian Made
  • GST Free
  • Therapod Adjustable Posture System
  • Classic Seat
  • Sychronised movement with Integrated seat slide
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Ratchet back height adjustment
  • Wide variety of fabrics and colours to choose from