About Us

Why choose us?

Backcare & Seating have been operating for over 30 years in the ergonomic and furniture industry. We have built a strong reputation for being ethical, dedicated and passionate specialists. Backcare & Seating have vast experience in the ergonomics world and the highest integrity.  We are able to work hand in hand with our customers to achieve the best possible results and transition traditional ways of working to enable movement and interaction with in their workspace. With our experience we are able to recommend a full solution and fit for purpose products to suit individual or project requirements.


Offering choice, creating spaces for people to remain healthy and thrive, being innovative and keeping up with the latest in design, high end ergonomics and technology is reflective in all that we do at Backcare & Seating. Careful consideration has been taken to ensure products are fit for purpose, ergonomically sound, reasonably priced, and environmentally friendly wherever possible.


Arrange a Free Trial or Workplace Audit.

At Backcare and Seating we offer a range of seating products to trial as we understand that choosing the correct seat for your team can be time consuming and sometimes baffling. Our team are here to help.

If you are unsure of what is the right ergonomic chair for you or your company then let us help you assess the best seating programme that is right for your offices– and it is free.

Office Fitouts

At Backcare and Seating we understand the needs of the modern workspace to utilise good office ergonomics that encourage sitting and moving, along with the drive for employee mobility combined with the changing ways of interacting with our work environment.

Today’s workplaces are vastly different from the traditional offices of the past - commercial office fitouts and home office fitouts require the latest in modern ergonomic office furniture that encourages movement and well being. 


At Backcare & Seating our experienced consultants are here to guide and support you and your clients and/or organisations through the complexities of understanding what are the correct ergonomic product solutions for you to ensure you reach the right choice. In an ever changing world we are kept abreast of ground breaking technologies and products that bring wellbeing and increased productivity to your workplace.  

Australian Made

We proudly support ‘Australian made’ and in partnership with our local manufacturers we design and develop a wide range of innovative ergonomic products to Australian and industry standards ensuring the highest of product quality. Local manufacture enables us to incorporate any special requirements to suit your needs, promptly and efficiently. 


Backcare & Seating has a long-standing commitment to environmental responsibility. How we define this responsibility changes as new products are introduced and is an evolving process. Our products are complex and have a variety of environmental impact and we continually strive to ensure that we reduce our environmental footprint by what we produce, sell and consume to run our businesses.


Backcare & Seating retail stores are a successful and profitable brand, providing genuine solutions to a wide range of ergonomic, lifestyle and aged/healthcare clients, with over twenty years knowledge and experience.

Our brand is unique as it not only controls a significant portion of its own Australian-based manufacturing, but as part of a larger international network comprising design teams across four continents, we have been able to secure a number of award-winning products on an exclusive basis.

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