Offering choice, creating spaces for people to remain healthy and thrive, being innovative and keeping up with the latest in design, high end ergonomics and technology is reflective in all that we do at Backcare &; Seating. Careful consideration has been taken to ensure products are fit for purpose, ergonomically sound, reasonably priced, and environmentally friendly wherever possible.

We are committed to supplying product of the highest quality whilst conscious of their impact on the environment. We are committed to supplying furniture that has a satisfying and enduring aesthetic. We not only manufacture and design our own innovative brands but carry a wide range of others that complement our philosophy in offering choice of support, technology, comfort and aesthetics in our products albeit for the home, workplace, healthcare facilities, factories, schools and universities.

Our focus on quality not only encompasses the product aesthetic but also the soundness of construction.  Our quality systems allow us to track and improve performance and many of our products are AFRDI and GECA accredited.