At Backcare & Seating we consider movement paramount to promoting health, happiness and productivity in the workplace. Our seating range covers 3 key categories to ensure our offering is suitable to ensure a high level of worker wellbeing. These 3 key categories also tell a story of the evolution of chair science as we know it, and as an ever emerging evidence base evolves with the modern workplace. Our Task chair range incorporates 3 Lever mechanisms and traditional ergonomic principals relating to independent angle adjustment of the chair. Our Ergofit chair range incorporates 3 lever mechanisms with traditional tried and tested methodology. They also incorporate a back adjustment system ranging from lumbar pump, a push in and out method which targets specific segments of the spine or to extensive back adjustment support system which targets the total back and spine. Our Performance Range of seating represents the modern science of seating, and the most current and relevant evidence based ergonomics with respect to seating and worker wellbeing.  This is achieved utilising modern science and technology, to ensure that whilst all workers receive the postural support they require, they also achieve vital dynamic movement and interaction with the modern workplace. This combination provides optimal comfort and productivity. Human’s innate need to move and avoid sedentary work posture is best reflected by our Performance range.